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 Why you should vote this year in Blacksburg

As a Virginia Tech student, you’re likely eligible to vote in the November 7th election for House of Delegates District 41. This is a battleground district, meaning it could be decided by one vote.


Registering to vote in Virginia won’t affect your scholarship, taxes, insurance, or vehicle registration. You have the right to vote here as a college student if you’re an eligible Virginia voter. 


Make your voice heard by voting! Here’s how:

How to vote


Make sure you know your full name, full social security number, and have a photo ID (your Hokie Passport counts as a valid form of ID!) handy when you’re getting ready to vote. Virginia Tech is located in Montgomery County, Virginia.


In Virginia, you don’t have to be pre-registered to vote. But it’s up to you to make sure you show up at the correct polling place on Election Day! Visit to check your registration.


Are you currently registered to vote in House District 41? 

  • Yes → Great! Move on to STEP 3! 

  • No → That’s ok! If you’re registered to vote in another part of Virginia or in another state, you can still cast a provisional ballot on Election Day! But you need to show up at your correct polling location. Move on to STEP 3!

  • I don’t know → That’s ok! Text Lily’s campaign at 540-257-6797 and we’ll help you.


You must be in line in your correct polling place by 7 PM on November 7th in order to cast a ballot. Visit to find your correct polling location.


Do you know your polling location?

  • Yes → Great! Move on to STEP 4!

  • No → That’s ok! Text Lily’s campaign at 540-257-6797 and we’ll help you find your polling location.


Now that you know where to vote, you need to make a plan to get to the polls on November 7th! Polls are open from 6 AM to 7 PM. Remember: You must be in line in your correct polling place by 7 PM on November 7th in order to cast a ballot. Bring a photo ID (your Hokie Passport will do!) in order to vote. If you don't have a photo ID, no worries - you can still cast a ballot by signing an ID confirmation form. 

Are you going to register on Election Day and vote here for the first time? 

  • Yes → Great! Make sure you bring your photo ID (your Hokie Passport will do!) and that you know your in-district mailing address and your full social security number. If you don’t fill out this information correctly on your paperwork, your vote won’t count. 

  • No → Great! Make sure you bring your photo ID (your Hokie Passport will do!) with you and that you’re going to the correct polling location for your registration. 


Do you need a ride to the polls? 

  • Yes → We can help! For a free, safe ride to the polls, call RideShare2Vote at (888) 977-2250. 

  • I need more help → No worries! Text Lily’s campaign at 540-257-6797 and we’ll help you make a plan to vote.

  • Set a reminder to vote!

  • Bring a friend! 

  • Share your “I voted” sticker with #StudentsVoteForLily to help spread the word!

  • If you have problems voting, contact the Virginia Voter Protection Hotline at 844-4VA-VOTE.


Virginia Tech has a voting location on campus on Election Day. If you live on campus, your likely precinct is at Squires Student Center. You don't need to be registered to vote before you cast a ballot because you can register the same day.

Everything is at stake

Safe, legal abortion & access to birth control

Combating the
Climate Crisis

Affordable housing & good-paying jobs

20230821 - Lily Franklin - By Peter Means-2886.jpg

Meet Lily 

I’ll never forget the moment I graduated college. Even though I had worked 18 hours days to pay my way through college, I graduated with $5.66 in my bank account, $423 on my credit card, and stuck with significant college debt. Luckily before I left for college, I put $20 dollars in my turtle "piggy" bank so I'd have gas money until my first pay day. That $20 paid for the gas to get me to my interview with Teach for America. I landed that job and headed off to teach High School in Appalachia.


I quickly learned that the struggles I faced were the rule, and not the exception. My students faced worse struggles. Our communities' struggles are only getting worse. This led me to head back to my hometown to serve as the Chief of Staff for State Representative Sam Rasoul. This is where I learned to wrestle legislative victories to help our community.

Now, I'm running for office because we need more young people elected who understand the struggles facing our society and people willing to fight for them. I hope you will join me in claiming this district!

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Blacksburg, VA 24063-0104

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