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Official Campus Launch: @ Noon Wednesday, May 3rd
Outside Lavery


Meet Lily 

I’ll never forget the moment I graduated college. Even though I had worked 18 hours days to pay my way through college, I graduated with $5.66 in my bank account, $423 on my credit card, and stuck with significant college debt. Luckily before I left for college, I put $20 dollars in my turtle "piggy" bank so I'd have gas money until my first pay day. That $20 paid for the gas to get me to my interview with Teach for America. I landed that job and headed off to teach High School in Appalachia.


I quickly learned that the struggles I faced were the rule, and not the exception. My students faced worse struggles. Our communities' struggles are only getting worse. This led me to head back to my hometown to serve as the Chief of Staff for State Representative Sam Rasoul. This is where I learned to wrestle legislative victories to help our community.

Now, I'm running for office because we need more young people elected who understand the struggles facing our society and people willing to fight for them. I hope you will join me in claiming this district.


 Why you should vote this year at Virginia Tech 

You can register to vote at your Virginia Tech address and have a voice this November! Unlike most states, Virginia has an election every year! The entire General Assembly (our state legislature) is up for election this November, and our future hangs in the balance. Virginia Tech is located in the 41st House District, which has no incumbent and could be determined by fewer than 1,000 votes. Here're some issues on your ballot:

Safe, legal abortion & access to birth control

Combating the
Climate Crisis

Affordable housing & good-paying jobs


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